Who Do You Serve?

Jan 21, 2024    Rev. Stephen Euper

As Christians, God frequently asks us to do things that we don’t really want to do. And so, like Jonah, we head the other direction. Storms of life may come, but more often then not, God allows us just to continue down the path away from obedience.

But there comes a day when, like Jonah, we want to return to God, and worship Him, and be used by Him. Or maybe, we realize that God is not really at work in our lives anymore, and so we start praying for God to work in and through us.

But guess what? God almost never allows us to go to step two until we have completed step one. He doesn’t say, “Well, you neglected to do what I originally asked you to do, but that’s okay, I’ll let you skip it so that you can move on in your Christian life.” No, when we desire to get back on track with God, God says, “Fine, are you ready to obey me now? Are you ready to do what I originally asked you to do?”